Truck nearly hits a child

I have two daughters of my own and as long as they have been in school, I have reminded them how to safely get off of the school bus without getting hurt.

I never want them to walk in front of the bus so I instruct them to walk around the back where it is safer. Too often, cars do not stop for school or city buses, and accidents occur, injuring innocent children.

In the video below, a kid actually followed my directions but then again, my directions are for a schoolyard, not a two-lane road. This young boy safely walks behind the bus and proceeds to cross a busy road and nearly gets hit by an oncoming truck! Luckily, the driver of the truck slammed on his brakes, avoiding a potentially disastrous accident.

Watching the video below reminds me how miracles happen. Whoever this young kid’s parents are, when they saw this video, I am sure they were angry at him for crossing a busy road but were thankful he did not get hurt.

Check out this scary video below:

If that had been my child I would have told them to wait to cross the street until the bus had left and there were no cars coming in either direction! This advice may seem simple, but it can save a lot of lives!

I am so glad that this child was okay, as I don’t think I could have handled watching this child getting hit. I am sure the truck driver was just as afraid as the kid was. Thankfully, the driver was able to stop the truck just in the nick of time.

God had to have been watching over this young child, as only a miracle could have allowed this truck to stop just seconds before hitting him!

If you thought this video was amazing, check out this video of a car narrowly avoid hitting several pedestrians:

Do you think God was watching over this child? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

Source: YouTube

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