Three Stooges build airplane

Moe, Curly, and Larry’s antics are still funny to watch decades after they were filmed. The Three Stooges’ slapstick routines never getĀ old.

In their 1943 short film Dizzy Pilots, the Stooges are up to their typical shenanigans. They play the Wrong Brothers who were drafted by the Army. But, they get a 30-day deferment because they claim to be inventing a plane called the “Buzzard” that will reinvent flying.

There are plenty of mishaps that cause havoc as they build this airplane. Moe even fell in a tub of rubber cement! They also made the plane too wide to get out of the hangar. Finally, the trio get the plane in the air for aircraft company executives to see.

Their name in this movie was a tip to the Wright Brothers. As the Wrong Brothers, the Three Stooges certainly lived up to their name. “Anything the Wright Brothers can do, the Wrong Brothers can do!” Moe declared, right before Curly tried to saw the wings off the airplane to allow it to fit through the hangar. That scene is in the video below.

While they were flying, Curly broke the rudder cable. Then Moe tells Curly to throw out the clutch. Instead, Curly throws the gear shift lever out of the plane. As expected, things only got worse from there and their landing wasn’t exactly what you’d call smooth.

Watch the clip below for a good laugh and see their spectacular landing!

Since this deferment didn’t end with the invention of an appropriate airplane, Moe, Curly, and Larry ended up in the Army. Needless to say, it would have been better for the Army if the Stooges stayed home!

The Three Stooges provided smiles and laughs for Americans when they were needed most – during the Great Depression and World War II. Their silliness made people forget about their troubles!

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