thieves steal ATM

Criminals are rarely smart individuals. No matter how elaborate their crime may be, eventually they get caught by police because they do something stupid that leads to their capture.

In the video below, a bunch of thieves used a Dodge truck to crash into an Alabama grocery store and steal an ATM. As of this writing, they are still on the loose, but only for the time being.

From Click On Detroit:

The footage shows a 1999 Dodge Ram back through one of the entrances of the grocery store, smashing glass. Moments later, the truck rams through another entrance, smashing more glass and knocking over a display.

One of the suspects is then seen pushing an ATM to the truck. By time the thieves make off with their haul, the store’s entrance is completely destroyed.

Check out the robbery in the video below:

When you do something like this, one of these robbers is bound to boast about their exploits. You rarely ever have two smart crooks commit a crime. In every crime, there has to be a mastermind and a follower. The follower is always the one that shoots his mouth off and that will be the end of them. It’s only a matter of time until they get busted by police!

If you look closely at the video, you’ll see that the license plate starts with the letters KYZ. How many white 4×4’s with that license plate, plus damage to their exterior backside or front side, exist in this Alabama county? This truck shouldn’t be difficult to spot.

Someone in the county knows who owns this truck because they probably saw them earlier in the day at the diner or dropping their kids off at school. Perhaps the owner of this truck was shopping at the local Walmart buying materials needed to pull off this robbery.

Regardless of who they are, these thieves will eventually get caught and serve some time in jail. Hopefully, some good samaritan speaks up and tells police who these criminals are.

Here’s another video of some thieves attempting to steal an ATM:

Do you think these criminals pulled off the ultimate robbery, or will they get caught? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!