man stops bank robbery

We need more heroes in this world today. God bless this man.

A good Samaritan named Robert Sakosky took down a criminal last Friday, and also his mask, in a Honesdale National Bank robbery attempt.

Where did that criminal get the handgun? Doesn’t he know that armed robbery is against the law? Americans are sick and tired of watching their country go down the drain with selfish individuals who have issues, and one man took action. Patriots are fighting back, and even though it’s not safe and I do not condone this, I truly understand why this man took matters into his own hands to stop this robbery.

From Fox News:

Surveillance video captured Sakosky walking into the bank, followed by two more people who waited near the front door. A masked man wearing black walks in, waving a gun and demanding money.

The burglar was able to make off with a bag of money but did not get far after Sakosky ran up and pushed the robber to the floor. The two people near the door ran out immediately after Sakosky brought down the robber.

Sakosky was seen throwing the robber to the ground again, where he was able to grab the gun and the money. Sakosky also ripped the robber’s mask off his face to get a look at his identity.

The burglar gave up and walked out the bank door and fled in his vehicle.

Watch the struggle here:

The real reason to stop the robber is to protect the innocent bank tellers. On the other hand, banks as an institution don’t need protecting since they benefit from usury and have insurance to make up for losses from theft.

Some of you will watch this and say you could never do this and he should not have placed himself in danger. In theory, I agree with that sentiment, but some people are born to be heroes and have no fear. They want justice to prevail and know they have a duty to protect others.

I applaud this man’s efforts as long as he doesn’t do this on a regular basis. What did you think of the takedown? Let us know how you would have reacted in the comments section below!