bystander tackles robber

Imagine you’re driving down a residential street and you have your dashcam rolling when you notice a robbery in progress. What do you do? Do you get out of your car and help save the day? Do you wait until it’s over and secure the victim or do you follow the criminal?

This driver of this car didn’t know exactly what to do but that didn’t mean the thief got away.

The robber was on a motorbike driven by someone else so the witness couldn’t get out of his car and simply chase after the criminal. The driver had to think how could he help the victim. Initially, it looked as though the driver was going to try and run down the robber with his car, but something incredible happened instead.

As the thief drove down the street, an innocent bystander steps from between two cars and pulls the biker off his ride and dragged him to the ground. Yes, my friends, it was a Hollywood moment as he slammed the biker to the ground. He wrestled with him for just a few seconds before the robber hopped back on his friend’s bike and took off.

Watch this incredible footage in the video below!

Did you notice that the items stolen from the victim remained on the ground after he was taken down by the bystander? This smart-thinking man helped stop a robbery, and risked his own life as well!

I applaud this hero for risking his life to help someone he didn’t know. That takes a lot of courage and not everyone would spring into action to take on a potentially violent criminal!

This selfless act is not something someone should try just to get on YouTube. Call the police and let them deal with the situation!

If you thought this video was impressive, watch this video of a man confronting an armed robber:

Would you have risked your life to take down this criminal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

Source: YouTube