The WWE Heels Everyone Loves To Hate!

so beloved heels have no place on the list. Today, we are covering some of the most hated heels in WWE history.

The WWE has created some amazing heels over the years. Naturally, the point of a good heel is that you absolutely despise them, so beloved heels have no place in the list. Today, we are covering some of the most hated heels in WWE history.

Ravishing Rick Rude

One of the most hated male heels was undoubtedly Rick Rude. He would regularly insult male spectators, calling them “fat” or “sweat hogs”. He would then make things worse by kissing one of the female fans after a win, which got him more hate from male viewers. Unfortunately, this unforgettable wrestler has passed on.

The Iron Sheik

The WWE does not shy away from playing on international conflict; this is how the Iron Sheik came to be. With the Sheik being Iranian, the WWE could not wait to cash in on the conflict between Iran and America in the 80’s. Fortunately, it worked well for the Iron Sheik, since he’s still quite the hated heel today!

Ted DiBiase

Even though it was before my time, this is one of the heels I remember best. For his character, Ted DiBiase counted on a conflict as old as time itself, more specifically rich versus poor.

When Ted DiBiase made his appearance, he would usually flaunt his wealth. Naturally, this would upset the crowd considerably, making him one of the most successful heels to date. Yes, it was a simple concept, but executed royally by DiBiase.

This next guy was the ultimate villain. THE BOSS! 

Mr. McMahon

Of course, you could argue he is not a wrestler, but I gladly make an exception for Vinnie Mac where top heels are concerned. Vince always plays the ruthless businessman, caring only about money and nothing else. We cannot forget about the Attitude Era either, where Vince was regularly spotted with a beautiful woman doing things a married man shouldn’t. While he is respected, people love to boo him.

Eric Bischoff

The line between reality and fiction is often quite thin; this much is proven by Eric Bischoff. Hated by some wrestling fans, loved by others, he is certainly one of the more complicated heels to ever appear on wrestling television.

What Makes a Good Heel In My Opinion

There are many things that make a good heel in my opinion, but one thing that is required is a genuine mean streak in your character. Some wrestlers have tried to be a heel but failed because they are simply too nice. A good example of this is Natalya, who is so beloved she has problems getting serious boos.

That being said, there are other things that make a good heel. In general, the more annoying you are, the better you can make your heel persona.

Which heel did you genuinely hate when watching wrestling? Be sure to let us know yours in the comment section below.

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