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Jay Brewer is the founder of Prehistoric Pets and his job is very important. He has to move snake eggs away from the mother snake to protect them but sometimes that job is dangerous, as you will see in the video below.

Why does Jay have to move the eggs? They do not all hatch if they are not properly heated so that’s where Jay comes in. For the most part, Jay knows exactly what he’s doing and only trained experts should attempt this dangerous task on their own.

From Rumble Video:

The reason why the experts at Prehistoric Pets remove the clutches of eggs from under the mothers is because of breeding purposes. In the wild, perfect eggs don’t always mean that they will all hatch, because they need constant temperatures and humidity in order to hatch perfect, healthy baby snakes.

Those conditions are maintained artificially in incubators, but those eggs need to get there somewhere and these reptilian mothers have no idea they are in captivity; they still think they are in the wild, where their eggs would be stolen for food, instead of preserving their species.

This particular female has a long strike range, meaning that she won’t hesitate to stretch nice and long to protect her babies.

Check out the amazing footage below:

Did you see the reach of the python in the video? What a scary sight!

If I worked there and I had to do what Jay does, I would have to locate the snake’s head and knock her out before trying to remove her eggs. I would do anything to avoid getting bitten by this vicious snake!

If Jay didn’t have great reflexes he could have lost a finger, or worse, his entire hand! Luckily, Jay is trained to deal with snakes like this, so he likely was in no real danger! Still, Jay is probably relieved he didn’t get hurt by this snake, as she looked extremely angry throughout the entire video.

What’s amazing about this footage is that Jay doesn’t seem phased by this snake one bit. Even after she lunged at him, Jay continued with his job and successfully removed the eggs! If this snake, or any snake, tried to bite me, there is no way I would ever get near it again!

If you enjoyed this video, make sure to check out this other video of Jay initially rescuing this snake and her eggs:

After watching this video, could you ever try your hand at Jay’s job? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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