Roy Clark Folsom Prison Blues

Roy Clark is a consummate entertainer. Not only is he an amazing musician, but he loved to make us laugh on Saturday nights as we tuned in to watch Hee Haw.

Roy started playing at a young age. By 15, he already won two National Banjo Championships as well as world banjo/guitar championships. It is hard to find someone more talented than Roy Clark when it comes to the guitar or banjo! His talents led him to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

He wasn’t afraid to get silly during a Hee Haw performance. You don’t typically think of “Folsom Prison Blues” as a comical song, but Roy turned it into one. He got a little goofy singing this Johnny Cash classic. He even used a glass to play his guitar! He made hilarious faces during this performance, too.

Watch the video below to remember how talented and hilarious Roy Clark was on Hee Haw!

This is a great example of why so many people tuned in to watch Hee Haw. We didn’t just want great music. We wanted to laugh. Roy Clark provided us with both music AND laughter!

Roy initially pursued an athletic career. He tried his hand at both baseball and boxing. But like Charley Pride, Roy ended up giving up his World Series dream to become a successful country musician. It all worked out well as Roy did so much to elevate Country and Bluegrass music.

He became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1987, where the Washington, D.C. native first played at the age of 17. His musical talent was undeniable even at a young age.

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