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A recent Instagram video by Rain Brown has upset a number of Alaskan Bush People fans. She wanted to dispel some rumors about her family and in doing so, it appears she put her foot in her mouth.

In her video, the youngest Brown claims her family is “very private” and she was asking for privacy for her siblings. People quickly pointed out Rain’s hypocrisy in this matter as it’s impossible for the Brown family to claim they are private after having their own reality show for seven seasons! Their show has elevated them all as public figures. People are especially concerned and interested in this family now because of Ami’s cancer.

“My family is really private and that’s the only reason why I’m the only one here. And I don’t say anything about the rest of my family because they are all very private people.”

Rain spoke up to defend her brother Gabe from rumors being spread by a woman claiming to be his girlfriend. The teenager encouraged her fans not to believe any gossip about Gabe because he hasn’t had a phone in months. She also potentially opened another can of worms for her brother by saying, “He’s going through a very hard time.” Rain didn’t elaborate on Gabe’s struggles.

Rain had a number of replies from fans who got upset about the privacy defense, but one commenter has some important advice for the teen about replying to rumors. “Just as a warning to you about social media which includes this site, if your family is private, it’s a disadvantage to correct false rumors about your family. If someone wants to know if someone has a relationship, all they have to do is make an assumption and wait for you to correct them. It’s a way of prying out information. And you don’t want to play there (sic) game,” one comment read.

Rain’s video is below.

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While the points made regarding the hypocrisy of the Brown family’s privacy and responding to rumors are valid, it’s important to remember that Rain is only 15. She is not nuanced in public relations. Sometimes good intentions don’t work out well. Perhaps this is an example of the need for children to be cautious with social media.

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