Charley Pride

If you are a country music fan, you know who Charley Pride is. Over his career, he had a whopping 52 Top Ten Hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts.

Charley is only one of three African Americans to be inducted as a member into the Grand Ole Opry. In addition to that honor, he received the highest honor for country musicians when he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000.

Charley taught himself to play guitar when his mom gave him the instrument when he was 14. Although he loved music, his first dream was to become a professional baseball player. He pitched in the minor leagues, but his big league dreams were derailed by the military.

Charley spent two years in the Army. When he returned to baseball, his pitching arm wasn’t the same because of an injury. He then had to take construction and factory jobs. He still was giving baseball a shot in Montana. His team manager was impressed with Charley’s singing so the ballplayer was paid an extra $10 to sing before each game.

That’s when life took over and Charley shifted his focus from baseball to music, much to the delight of country music fans. The baseball player really made his mark singing country songs. The beloved country singer had a long-lasting career, earning his place among country legends.

Check out this video of him singing the fan favorite “Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone?”

Now that’s music! I love hearing the country legends sing. It brings back so many memories. In 2010, Charley got to combine his love of baseball and music by singing The National Anthem during game five of the World Series, between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants.

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