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Turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving. One daughter named Raquel was experiencing her rite of passage by helping prepare the main course. But, her mom played quite the prank on her!

As mom filmed the video below, her daughter discovered a smaller “turkey” inside the turkey. The daughter started crying as she thought the turkey was pregnant. Apparently, she did not know that turkeys laid eggs. Don’t most people learn before they get to preschool that turkeys are birds and lay eggs? This is a grown woman who seemed to miss out on this very basic fact!

“Mom, it’s a baby turkey in the turkey! It’s a girl!” Raquel lamented while crying! Bless her heart!

The daughter sobs about the baby turkey who she thought never got to be born as the rest of her family laughs at her. Her sister even falls to the floor laughing at her. Family time during the holidays often does involve laughter at someone else’s expense.


I bet that was a funny dinner! Get that girl some Kleenex and a science book! Even if the turkey somehow defied biology and got pregnant, how would the baby turkey have been prepped for cooking prior to even being born? Does she think turkeys are born (hatched) without any heads? She clearly didn’t think this through!

Every family seems to have that one person who falls for every single prank. This daughter clearly is that person in this family! But, she is as sweet and concerned as she is clueless! She has a lot of compassion, but she’s likely not eligible for MENSA membership.

Next time Raquel’s mom is filming her doing something basic, she should expect a prank. With over 14 million views, her reaction to this Thanksgiving surprise is legendary!

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