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If kids aren’t given proper discipline, they tend to become out of control rebellious teens. This can cause all kinds of problems, but sometimes it’s all rectified when they pick on the wrong person.

In the video clip below from Secondhand Lions, a group of teens see Michael Caine and Robert Duvall as a pair of easy targets since they are older. But, the four teens learn a very tough lesson when the aging pair get their hands on them.

When the teens pull knives on Caine and Duvall, Caine comes back with some firepower, but that’s not needed. Duvall is itching to teach these out of control boys a lesson. He takes all four of them on himself, quickly breaking the arm of the first brat.

These teens soon learn not only to respect their elders, but not to stereotype people. They mistook Caine and Duvall for helpless wimps and that decision cost them greatly. They won’t be treating any other older men this way after getting a beat down.


BAM! When kids don’t know boundaries, someday someone will straighten them out. If their parents cared, they would keep them in line so this sort of stuff wouldn’t happen.

Spoiling your children isn’t doing them any favors. When they end up being out of control and disrespectful teens, it will be too late. If someone doesn’t put them in their place, they then become entitled adults and expect everything to be handed to them rather instead of earned.

Teaching your children to respect their elders is a necessity. Not only is it to their benefit to be decent to older people, but it could save them from a situation like this! Their parents weren’t willing to discipline these boys, so Duvall and Caine did it for them!

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