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The dog in the video below was trying to desperately open up a cabinet and retrieve something that he had seen his owner get out many times before. You can tell Rocco was on a journey and laser-focused on getting into the cabinet.

It just so happened that the owner saw what Rocco was doing and grabbed the video camera to record it, making this an instant viral video. I was actually pulling for the beast and trying to direct him with my mind. I thought if Rocco just pulled the door a little farther to the wall it was going to be a successful night for him.

But alas, Rocco wanted to open the door his own way, and the results were priceless.

From Rumble:

There could be a tasty snack in there, or a favorite toy to play with and he’s not about to give up on it that easily. But watch his reaction when he gets called out.

Clearly, mischievous Rocco has no idea that his owner is filming the whole scene and when she asks what he’s up to he immediately goes into the classic dog defense of pretending that he can’t hear her, or doesn’t understand what she’s saying.

Maybe if he looks away for long enough, she’ll probably realize that he’s a good dog after all and will leave him alone. Won’t she? Or maybe if he stands completely still she won’t be able to see him.

Check out the video below:

Credit: cocopops

Did you see how Rocco tried desperately to hide his face after getting busted by his owner? Now that was a genius move. Would any other dog have tried to break into a cabinet with the lights on? Rocco didn’t even turn around to acknowledge his owner, hoping she would just walk away so he could continue with his break-in.

Have you seen anything like this before? Rocco is very intelligent to come up with a plan like that.

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