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Talk about childlike! This sweet little dog wanted to sit in his owner’s lap but when the answer was a resounding ‘no’, the result was one of the cutest tantrums we’ve ever seen from an animal.

A lot of individuals who are dog owners love their animals like children and some will go so far as to treat them like children. They talked to them like their own kids and reward them the same way. Some video clips have gone viral because of how relatable the pet-owner relationship is, and this one is no different!

Higgs wants to sit on his owner’s lap, but it’s probably not the best time for that! Apparently, Higgs’s owner is one of those good pet owners, who really do love their pets, but also establish some boundaries and rules for a happy family.

Adults make the rules, but kids will always try and find a way around those rules. And if their way doesn’t work, they try the most cunning method out there – they throw a tantrum. Oh yes, friends, dogs can be equally annoyingly cute when they sulk around because they didn’t get what they want. Thank goodness they can’t scream and run around the house, throwing stuff around.

This is what Higgs does when he doesn’t get his way.

Credit: Silenttd

This was a great video catch by the owner. When the camera was off, do you think the owner allowed Higgs to sit on his lap? I think so. It certainly looks like Higgs has his owner eating out of the palm of his… paw.

That awesome tantrum probably resulted in the owner giving in because of his love for his best friend. SHARE this great video on your Facebook/Twitter timeline and bring a smile to your friends or family.

Share this great video on your Facebook and Twitter timeline and bring a smile to your friends and family.

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