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Classic episodes of The Tonight Show are so fun to watch. They showcase the stars of that era in a fun and personal way. And they weren’t worried about political correctness. One particularly memorable episode featured an all-star lineup including Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Ed McMahon, and, of course, America’s favorite last night host – Johnny Carson!

Dean Martin And Bob Hope Have “The Tonight Show” Audience In Hysterics

In 1975, Dean Martin was on The Tonight Show along with Bob Hope.

Martin had the crowd roaring because he pretended to be drunk. They discussed a wide variety of topics, including gambling and Johnny’s wife.

Martin was apparently pregaming with alcohol for a big night as it was Frank Sinatra’s 60th birthday.

Having Bob Hope and Dean Martin on the same episode of “The Tonight Show was a big draw. Lots of Americans would have stayed up later than usual just to see these two joking around with Johnny.

In fact, Dean Martin got so saucy that Bob Hope and Ed McMahon once got up to walk off.

The censors had their work cut out for them trying to bleep words off this episode!

Check out the video below for a good laugh. Television sure has changed. They could never smoke on air today like they did on this Tonight Show clip!

This video even shows the old commercials! My favorite part is hearing Ed McMahon’s big laugh in the background.

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like Dean Martin

Dean Martin is my favorite entertainer. Nobody will ever compare. He could sing, dance, and act.

But, most importantly, he had a lot of fun and seemed like a regular guy.

Those were the days of good television. There wasn’t political correctness. They didn’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

That was part of the fun!

We tuned in to laugh and that’s exactly what happened. It is impossible not to laugh even now while watching old episodes of The Tonight Show.

Back then, anything including Dean Martin was going to be a big draw. The man had such a wide range of talent like no other person of that era, or any era, for that matter!

As Bob Hope often said, “Thanks for the Memory!”

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