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Many people say that becoming a dad can change a man’s life. After I watched the amazing video below, I now completely agree that fatherhood definitely changes all of us! The young dad in this video has some quick reflexes as he masterfully grabs his son right before he falls to the ground.

I have two girls who are both 14-years-old. When they were babies, there were many instances where I had to jump into action and rescue them. This video definitely speaks to my paternal instincts. Watching the dad in this video save his baby from going over the side of the bridge was amazing because things quickly could have taken a turn for the worse.

From ViralHog:

We went on vacation to Yosemite in the summer of 2016. We thought we were going to pose for a daddy/daughter photo but turned into a memorable video. Wife accidentally had it on video mode. It was a scary moment, but as you can see we were able to laugh afterwards. We are thankful for each other and our lack of injuries.

Check out this amazing video below:

First of all, the baby wasn’t watching where he was going. Dad was trying to get into position for a picture as he was kneeling down. Now, while the dad is watching his wife take the picture, he has one hand behind his back but still has his eyes on his young son as he is about to tumble over the bridge. Luckily, he had cat-like reflexes and grabbed his son just in the nick of time!

While this video is very adorable, had the dad not been paying close attention to his son, things could have gone horribly wrong!

I give this father a 10 out of 10 for everything he did to save his kid. A father’s job is never done and there’s no way the family will ever forget this moment. This video will be shown at future birthday parties, family gatherings, weddings, and so many future events because it is a viral beauty.

If you thought this video was impressive, check out this compilation video of dads coming to the rescue:

Have you ever had to rescue your child in a similar fashion? Share your experiences in the comments section below! 

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