Barney Float

If you have raised or interacted with young children in the past thirty years, you probably are aware of Barney, the purple dinosaur. His constant singing of “I love you, you love me…” leaves memories that parents can’t seem to ever scrub from their brains.

Being stuck watching Barney should serve as time spent in purgatory. It can be downright painful to pretend to enjoy it. If you have experienced this, you will want to see the video below.

At the Macy’s 1997 Thanksgiving Day parade, the Barney float was ripped apart due to high winds. It’s a guilty pleasure to watch and it feels like a bit of justice for those of us who suffered in silence and watched these shows so many times with our children!

It was so painful to watch these awful shows with my kids. But, parenting means you have to make sacrifices. Watching Barney was one of those sacrifices, so when I saw this balloon be torn to shreds, I silently cheered inside!

As the winds begin whipping, it becomes clear rather quickly that Barney is in trouble. It was all hands on deck, but nobody was able to save Barney. They are actually lucky the purple dinosaur was the only casualty. This certainly was a Thanksgiving parade to remember! It’s not often that a balloon of this significance meets its demise during the big parade.


I thought one of those balloon handlers would end up flying away with Barney. That wind was incredibly intense! My favorite part was how the police officers finished off this giant purple dinosaur. They put Barney out of his misery!

Now, I’m waiting for this to happen to the Caillou float. As bad as Barney is, that whiny little bald Canadian kid is ten times worse!

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