Armed Robbery

Robbers sometimes get the beat down they deserve. That’s what happened to one armed robber who thought he found an easy target with a woman in a parking lot. His gun was no match for her!

The video below, which appears to be security footage, shows the woman putting her large bag in her car. When she turns around, the armed robber appears with a gun.

The man quickly approaches the woman appearing to shove the gun towards the woman’s stomach. That’s when she took action. She swings her handbag knocking the gun off target. She then appears to strike him multiple times, hitting him at least once in the gonads. She then gives him a powerful knee to the jaw. After that, the man crumples to the ground.

While the man is writhing on the ground she quickly makes her way to her vehicle and drives off.

See it for yourself.


She might be tiny, but she sure is mighty! He probably thought she would be an easy target. He sure thought wrong!

I’m wondering if this is legit. Every woman I know would have run him over with the car and kept him immobilized until the police arrived on scene. That’s certainly what I would have done!

Picking on a small woman isn’t always a good bet even if she’s not carrying a gun. Small women can fight back too. Training can help overcome a size differential and Karate is an excellent way for a woman to combat a creep from attacking her.

In the video below, watch a woman drop a man who appears to be trying to sexually assault her. She wasn’t standing for it. She walked off that elevator while the creep was writhing around in pain on the floor!

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