zip line alligator

If you’ve ever been on a zip line, then you know that the only thing between you and the ground below is a thin piece of rope!

In the terrifying video below, an alligator was lurking in the water below like a predator, just waiting for the chance to take a bite out of someone riding the zip line above. Well, one woman got the surprise of a lifetime when the alligator jumps out of the water below her. As soon as she saw the alligator’s head shoot out of the water, she let out a loud scream!

She was lucky the line didn’t snap and that she was high enough above the water to be safe from the alligator’s jaws.

Watch the video below:

Credit: Newsflare

From Rumble Video:

Just as she is about to reach the end of the line, the gator opens its huge mouth and jumps from the pond, hoping to get a snack. Naturally, the woman is scared witless, but as she gathers herself, she starts screaming in excitement, as so does the rest of her group!

“This video was taken as a group of zipline instructors were trying out a new zip line that passed directly over an alligator pond,” the filmer wrote online.

“Needless to say, this new zipline route has never been put in service,” he added.

After watching the video, I am positive this woman saw her life flash before her eyes as the beast jumped towards her. Thankfully, she did not get injured during her ride! I bet she will reconsider riding a zip line ever again!

After watching this video, would you ever ride a zip line over a lake? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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