cop captures alligator

A Florida police officer went above and beyond his duties by capturing an alligator on a call to a local residence.

Officer Alfredo Vargas responded to a distress call from someone who encountered an alligator outside their front door. Vargas was told it would take a half hour for a trapper to arrive and the trapper would likely kill the alligator. As a result, the cop decided to handle the situation himself. He even made a makeshift pole to help capture the alligator.

Vargas had previously mentored with the Gator Boys on Animal Planet. Not only did he capture the gator, but he put it in the squad car and released it in a canal.

His body cam caught the entire encounter and you can see the raw video below. It’s rather awesome to see a police officer face off with an alligator!

That’s amazing! That is one well-rounded police officer. He saved the home owner and the alligator and the local government didn’t even have to hire a trapper! Officer Vargas did it himself!

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Source: Fox News

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