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As the youngest of the Brown children, Rain is having a particularly hard time dealing with her mother’s illness. Ami Brown’s chances of surviving lung cancer are apparently only three percent. That’s a hard thing for a teen to handle.

Rain has been open about her battle with depression. In addition to her mother’s health crisis, the teen has had a host of other life changes. Her whole world changed when the Browns packed it up and left Alaska. While their future plans aren’t concrete as Ami is about to begin another round of chemotherapy, the family’s potential plans to settle in Colorado are likely on hold.

Rain is very open about her feelings on Instagram. While many people are supportive of her, there are always some bullies who feel the need to shame the child for being herself or sharing things that are too personal. Rain tries to ignore the naysayers as she just wants to be true to herself.

On Tuesday, the youngest Alaskan Bush People star took to Instagram to detail her most recent setback that forced her into bed for four days. She had been feeling down and having minor aches and pains. Even though Ami is in the fight for her life, she is still there for her daughter. Ami gave Rain some oil that helped treat her aches. She included #momsrock in her post to thank her Ami for the help.

Even when a mom is sick, she still wants to be there for her children. Ami clearly wants to support all of her children, especially Rain who is experiencing adolescence, a move across the country, and the struggle of an ill parent at the same time.

Ami and Billy continue to focus on their children during Ami’s battle against lung cancer. “This was a little drastic for strengthening … there are good days and bad days – for them and for me. But they handle their emotions pretty good. There are days that they have to talk about it and then talk about it again,” said the Alaskan Bush People matriarch. “I have faith that they will remain strong.”

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