matchstick math problem

A viral math problem has been sweeping the internet in recent days, and people just cannot agree on the right answer!

This is not your normal math problem as you are tasked with solving the problem by moving one matchstick, making up the numbers in the problem below:

Before you scroll down to see the correct answers, make sure you have your answers chosen.

Hint: There are three possible correct answers to this matchstick math problem!

Here are the answers:

In the first solution, move the middle, horizontal matchstick of the number “6” up and to the right to become a number “0.” The result will be “0 +4 = 4.”

The second solution is to move the vertical matchstick from the “+” sign and add it to the number “6” to make it an “8.” As a result, you now get “8-4 =4.”

The third solution is somewhat controversial, but it still is correct. Take the bottom-left vertical matchstick from the number “6” and add it to the top of the far right number “4” to make it become a “9.” Then, you get “5+4=9.” The controversy here is that many people don’t believe that this is a proper “9” but others say there is no set rule on what a “9” should look like, and therefore, the solution is fine!

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