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Little People, Big World fans are anxiously awaiting the next season. There will be big changes to the show with the additions of the first two Roloff grandchildren. Thanks to social media, we don’t have to wait that long to see them as Tori posted a recent picture of Jackson and Ember.

Jackson was born in May while Ember was born in September. Their fathers are twins, so the family expects they will be close friends growing up. Despite the close relationship, there haven’t been a lot of pictures publicly released of them together. That is why fans got so excited over Tori’s adorable photo of the twins lying next to each other. Jackson’s mother expressed gratitude for the two Roloff grandchildren being able to grow up together.

Tori and Audrey weren’t the only ones posting family pictures on social media over the weekend. Matt also shared a picture of the Roloff family during the last pumpkin weekend on Roloff Farms. Only Molly and Joel were missing. As you can see, Amy is all ready for Halloween!

In addition to these photos, both Tori and Audrey shared pictures of their babies in the pumpkin patch! October is a big month on Roloff Farms, so these photos are part of an important family tradition!

Jeremy also recently shared a picture of Ember and Jackson. It appears these cousins are going to be the best of friends!

This Christmas will prove to be a very fun and festive time for the Roloff Family. They have two new babies and a new son-in-law. There will be much celebrating. Hopefully, that means there will be lots of Santa and Christmas tree pictures with the littlest Roloffs. 2017 has been an important year for this family. They will likely end it by creating some great memories!

Click here to see a video of Jackson with his first pumpkin!

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