Italian Grandma

Italian grandmas are extremely particular about their food. Everything has to be perfect. They have high standards for what they feed their families. If an Italian grandma compliments you on your cooking, you know you are doing it right.┬áMost Italian grandmas aren’t going to praise your food if it doesn’t meet their high standards!

A group of Italian grandmas reviewed Olive Garden and their critique is both savage and hilarious. A couple of the nonnas were rather colorful in their language as they threw the restaurant chain under the bus for not being authentic Italian food. “Who the F&!* made this?” probably isn’t what you would expect of a traditional restaurant review, but that is why this video is so perfect.

As someone of Italian descent, I can tell you that many of us do not consider Olive Garden to be an Italian restaurant for the reasons the grandmas give in the video below. Be prepared to laugh but be ready for some straight talk peppered with bad language!

I laughed the hardest at the grandma who said it tasted like “merda.” I’ll be polite and tell you that merda is a potty word. That grandma clearly wasn’t impressed with Olive Garden!

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