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Kids can have very special relationships with their dogs. The bond between them can last a lifetime. This is particularly the case with a baby and his husky.

Huskies are a special breed of dog. Their blue eyes, wolf-like features, and high energy might frighten some people, but not the baby in the video below who just wants to play with his beloved friend. He knows his dog is just a gentle giant!

The baby crawls over to his dog wanting to reach out for a pet. The dog looks a bit skeptical as the baby puts his hand out towards the dog’s ear and quickly moves. But then, the husky rolls so the baby can play with it! Suddenly, the dog’s head is under the baby and he’s licking his face.

Watch this little boy get doggy kisses from his best friend in the video below!

Huskies can make very good family dogs. Just like any dog, huskies can be part of the family and fit right in with young children. They’re also very vocal dogs who use their voices to get their way!

In the video below, another baby tries communicating with her husky. The dog joins in on the conversation by howling along. The dog starts mimicking what the baby says and it’s simply adorable!


How adorable! Both of these huskies are clearly important members of their families, as every dog should be! These dogs and their kids love each other because they have a special bond!

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Source: Animal Channel

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