dog lawyer

If I ever get into trouble with the law, I am seeking this young lady out to defend me. She’s good!

It seems like mom (The Prosecutor) was getting ready to read the riot act to the family dog when his pint-sized lawyer strolled into the courtroom with an objection heard around the world.

“Did you see him do it?”

Perry Mason would have taken this young little girl as an apprentice when she took on the prosecutor who started back-peddling very quickly.

This young defense attorney held her own as cute as she is and I give her so much credit for trying to get her client off with a warning or good behavior.

Credit: Rumble Viral

The young girl’s answers left a reasonable doubt with the prosecutor who gave up the court case and took her to school.

If I could give little Matlock one bit of advice, don’t smile too quickly or you won’t be taken seriously, but great job!

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