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In 2006, Hilary and Holly Williams’ lives were forever changed. On the way to their maternal grandfather’s funeral, they were in a horrific car crash that led to Hilary having a near death experience and their daddy Hank Williams Jr. weeping at their bedside.

In a recent podcast interview, Holly said, “My sister was actually pronounced dead at the scene.” Hilary lost control of the car and then “had a pretty amazing experience in heaven.”

This is something the Williams sisters have spoken about for years. Hilary even wrote about it in her book Sign Of Life. She detailed her afterlife experience that brought her unimaginable joy as she saw indescribable colors and met with Johnny and June Cash and even her grandparents Hank and Audrey Williams who died before she was ever born.

“Slowly, my spirit lifted, and soon it was as if I was hovering over the scene looking down on the cars and people below. The feeling of panic and all the pain I felt was gone. I was calm as I watched all the activity around the ambulance and the helicopters. I felt completely peaceful, as if I was high on the mellowest of tranquilizing drugs. It was complete peace — the most joyful feeling I have ever known.

An angel took my hand and I looked up and saw this amazing gold mansion that looked like it was trimmed with icing, like an enormous birthday cake. It was sparkling, gleaming, and glittering.

I can’t begin to describe the vibrant, kaleidoscope colors I saw. It was so crazy.”

Hilary said she knew she wasn’t going to be staying with her grandparents when they turned and walked away from her. Suddenly, Hilary’s spirit was returned to her body. Holly said on a recent podcast that Hank Williams told Hilary before walking away, “You know, it’s not your time honey. It’s not your time.”

She had a long road to recovery after being given a second chance at life. Hilary has had over 41 surgeries as a result of the accident. She even had to learn to walk again. The SUV she was driving was mangled beyond recognition.

Holly says their father Hank Williams Jr. was openly weeping at their bedside after the accident. Imagine the grief and emotions of having a horrific accident on the way to another relative’s funeral.

Together, the sisters spoke about the accident, briefly mentioning Hilary’s afterlife experience. They both give a lot of credit to their father who was a constant source of support in the aftermath of the crash. Hank Williams Jr. also describes what went through his mind at that time in the video below.

What a long road to recovery. Fortunately, they had a lot of love and support from their parents. After healing, Hilary and Holly both returned to their roots of singing.

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Source: Fox News

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