98-Year-Old Teaches Her Favorite Great Depression Recipe

Great Depression recipe

During the Great Depression, families really had to stretch every dollar. They couldn’t afford to waste anything. This was particularly evident in how people cooked. But, just because something is cheap to make, doesn’t mean it can’t be¬†delicious

Clara Cannucciari grew up during the Great Depression. As the daughter of Italian immigrants, her family had to adjust not only to living in a financially strapped time, but to learning the language and foods of their new country. Clara’s mom quickly adjusted in the kitchen. She relied heavily on potatoes because they were cheap. The food she made was so delicious that Clara continued cooking these recipes for her family long after the Depression ended.

Her grandson Christopher enjoyed her Depression meals so much that he began filming her cooking. This turned into a very popular YouTube channel as many people wanted to learn how to make delicious and cheap meals and hear her stories about life during the Great Depression.

Even though she ate plenty of potatoes, Clara still thought they were delicious decades later. She liked the way they tasted and the sweet memories of her childhood and family they invoked. One of her favorites were twice baked potatoes. In the video below, she shares this very simple recipe and some memories about her life during the Great Depression.

They look delicious. During the Great Depression, people made do with what they had. Economic hardship was widespread. It was hard to find work, which meant sometimes there¬†wasn’t a lot of food on the table. They had to get creative with their cooking. Women like Clara’s mother worked hard to make their dollars stretch and still served delicious meals.

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