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Don Rickles was one in a billion. He made us laugh by poking fun of everyone’s weak spots. Mr. Warmth charmed us all with his insults and unique brand of humor.

He wasn’t afraid to insult anyone, including the people who gave him big jobs. He took a few minutes to turn his fire on Martin Scorsese when the director received AFI’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Rickles didn’t pull any punches even though he had recently been in Scorsese’s film Casino.

Thankfully, Scorsese can laugh at himself because Rickles was brutally funny. Not only did he poke fun at Scorsese being Sicilian by alluding to him being in the mafia, but he also chided the famed director for being short. Rickles asked for a phone book so the vertically challenged Scorsese could see him. “Forty million jobs in show business and I got a midget to direct me,” Rickles quipped.

The hilarious video below will certainly make you laugh!

Everyone was rolling with laughter. Nobody took themselves too seriously. Being insulted by Mr. Warmth was a badge of honor. He was hilarious, but you knew that his insults still came from the heart!

Rickles was an entertainer like no other. He was the heavy hitter who was often the last entertainer for Dean Martin’s Roasts. That’s because they knew he was reliable and hysterical. When Rickles batted last, you knew the show was ending with a home run!

He was an equal opportunity offender and that was his charm. He didn’t let anyone off the hook. He insulted presidents, athletes, and everyday people in the audience.

If you thought this video was funny, click here to see Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra on The Tonight Show. Today’s feminists certainly couldn’t handle this brand of humor. They definitely weren’t politically correct!

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