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I’ve never seen such a rude doctor in my entire life until I watched the video below. I mean, this was simply terrible. In this troubling video, a very sick woman was speaking to her doctor asking why it had taken so long for her to receive treatment for her illness.

There was a tense exchange when a patient told her doctor she had just suggested to his receptionist that the office notify incoming patients if they might not be seen in a timely manner, even if they had an appointment.

I don’t think the doctor heard what she had to say because he mentioned how busy he was with so many patients. The woman was simply making a suggestion that could improve the experience for all patients. The doctor clearly took her suggestion personally and lost it.

Watch this disturbing video below:

From Rumble:

I was told by the receptionist that would be the doctors decision to refund it or not. She was very rude while I spoke to her. My daughter had to ask her to stop being rude to me because I’m sick. She handed me my money and told me to get the hell out. I asked for her supervisor and she told me she was the supervisor.

I asked to speak with whoever was over her as she continued to say get the hell out. When I said I just like to speak to your supervisor she yelled down the hallway for the doctor. I did not know it at the moment, but my daughter started recording when the lady yelled down the hallway for the doctor. My daughter said she felt like something bad is about to happen.

Within seconds of her recording, the doctor came in to the waiting room and the video we have is what transpired up until the point when the doctor threw my daughters phone down the hallway which resulted in a broken screen.

After watching this video, your blood should be boiling! I don’t care whether this woman is wrong or right, no doctor should be able to keep his or her job with this type of temperament.

Hopefully, this doctor loses his job as he is clearly unstable. I felt sorry for the sick woman after going through this horrible ordeal!

There are plenty of great doctors who treat patients well. Click here to see a doctor turn on a deaf baby’s hearing aid for the first time!

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