Well lookie who landed the captain’s role for the RAW women’s Survivor Series’ team!

While she battled two former RAW women’s champs, Alicia Fox snagged the win and the captain title when she pinned The Hugger during the October 23rd edition of Monday Night RAW.

Foxy has been getting some ample air time as of late and if you’ll noticed, she even (finally) has some merchandise for fans. Perhaps it’s her recent interview on the Lillian Garcia podcast, where she spoke candidly about her life and career, that got the attention of not only fans, but WWE officials, to help wave this nice and welcoming change. This snippet in particular:

“Sometimes I feel embarrassed of my career in a sense. Because sometimes when the fans come up and they’re like saying ‘underrated’ or this or that, I never realized until social media really popped up. Then I’m left thinking ‘am I underrated’? I’m one of the only girls that don’t have any merch. Never had any merch, even when the Bella Twins and I were together it was still ‘Team Bella’. But I never complained about any of those things because in my head I’m like, ‘Well, it’s okay’. You know, a lot of fluffy content thinking.”

At young age of 31, Foxy is considered a main roster veteran. Not many superstars can last in the WWE for over decade and remain relevant, with the diverse dynamics to be interchanged in many different storylines that not only involve the women, but the men, and the different divisions within the roster. Because of her age, she not only has created a solid career, but has time to further carve her pro wrestling legacy.

She’s been Ohio Valley Women’s Wrestling Champ, WWE Divas Champ, Total Divas star, and in 2010 she hit the 17th spot on PWI’s top 50 female wrestlers for that year … not too shabby. Not to mention the fact that she was the first and only African American superstar in history to wear that Championship in the WWE; a trailblazer in her own right.

Which is why it did sadden me when I read that Fox was embarrassed with her career at times. Is she underrated and undervalued at times within the WWE? Yes, however, many superstars can be; especially when you have a tenure like she does. She is great in that ring: athletic, knows how to tell a story well in the squared circle, is highly entertaining, and has played a great heel over the years.

However, crazy Foxy, is probably the best Foxy when it comes to her characters and I miss seeing the over-the-top, delusion, and out-right-insane Alicia Fox. The one that once destroyed the areas around her after she lost a match, grabbed JBL’s hat and parade around the ring in it, and had no issues when it came to that official ring bell and dinging the crap out of it. The one that cuts some incredible and insane promos, with her voice and facial expressions changing. Crazy Foxy is borderline comedic (in a good way) and yet disturbing. Winning the match this past RAW to become captain, my captain, of the RAW women’s Survivor Series team was incredible and a bit unexpected. I adore all the new female superstars and how they have ushered this women’s evolution, however Foxy is a star that has been ready for a revolution in the division for some time, well before management knew to spotlight female superstars.

So, I’m glad Alicia Fox is getting a nice push. I’m glad she’s got some merch. I’m glad to see Crazy Foxy back on RAW and even more so, that Alicia will be taking on a leadership role in storylines moving towards one of the Big Four WWE pay-per-views.

I’ll be even happier once she’s in the title race picture program, and potentially holding that RAW women’s championship. But even without another title rein, the work Fox has done in the past and currently has been highly entertaining. She accomplished quite a bit over the years and should be proud the many milestones she’s overcome. I can’t wait to see what Crazy Foxy bring in the months ahead.

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