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Parents are concerned about a new 48-hour Facebook challenge that is targeting children. This doesn’t involve dumping a bucket of ice water on your head to raise awareness for a disease. Instead, this is being called “criminally stupid” and it puts kids at risk.

This challenge is a contest. Kids intentionally go missing for 48 hours. They get points based on how many times their names are mentioned on Facebook and if the police are called to search for them. The more frantic the messages are the more points that are awarded.

Parents are left in a panic when their children intentionally disappear as part of this so-called game. This not only sends parents into a tailspin trying to find their kids, it puts the kids directly in harm’s way. They are vulnerable to predatory people or the elements as they ditch their homes for a couple days at a time to rack up points in this deliberately deceitful contest.

This contest also ties up law enforcement who should be dealing with real crimes but instead are roped into this horrific Facebook game. Learn more in the video below.

There are few things more terrifying to a parent than the thought of a missing child. Intentionally going missing to scare parents and earn praise from strangers is likely to land these kids in hot water.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children the strains the 48-hour challenge places on the community, their family, and the kids. This isn’t a game any sort of decent person would permit. The fact that it is making the rounds is proof of how stupid and manipulative people are today. They are intentionally targeting children and families.

This is also a good reminder to monitor your children’s social media accounts. You never can be sure as to what is going on when your kid is online and you’re not looking. Adolescence is a time when teens push boundaries, but this is a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed.

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