We told you that Tuesday, September 12, 2017, would go down in history as a big night for WWE. And we weren’t kidding. Here are the four biggest and boldest moments from the memorable evening.

4. Dolph Ziggler Tries A Few More New Entrances

Recently Dolph Ziggler has been in a bit of a rut. His character has grown stale and stalled out. To counter this, The Show-Off began to imitate a variety of signature entrances. Proclaiming that anyone can do an entrance, but only he can do what he does in the ring.

DZ debuted his Bayley entrance.


and then finally, a pretty good Ultimate Warrior run-in and rope shake.


3. Kairi Sane wins the Mae Young Classic

WWE broke ground with the Mae Young Classic. It was WWE’s first all-female tournament and it showcased some of the best women’s wrestling in the world. The finale, which aired on the WWE Network after Smackdown Live, featured Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler. Both competitors fought hard and put on a great match. In the end, The Japanese Pirate Sane came away victorious. Her run to the top doesn’t end here. She is getting a title shot.

“[I’m] very excited that she’s the first champion, and now the question is ‘What’s next for her?’ I can tell you what’s next for her,” continued Levesque. “On Nov. 18 at the Toyota Center at the next NXT TakeOver, Kairi will be fighting to determine a new NXT women’s champion.”

2. The New Day Win Back the Tag Team Titles.

The New Day and the Usos squared off in a “Sin City Street Fight” for the Tag Titles. The match was brutal with both teams hitting each other with kendo sticks, kicks, and even a few chair shots to the head.


In the end, the New Day was able to win back their titles. They celebrated their fourth title reign in classic fashion.

The New Day is a top team with or without the belts. But with WWE putting the titles on them again, it shows that the brass sees a lot of money to be made from the trio.

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