Sadie Robertson isn’t afraid to speak about her Christian faith. It is actually her mission to talk about it. Early in the summer, the ‘Duck Dynasty’ star gave a message to fellow college-aged people at Passion City Church in Atlanta. This is something people of all ages need to hear.

On her way to the event, Sadie heard a message from Jesus that she needed to deliver to a homeless man she had just seen.

The homeless man rejected her Bible, but he had a message for Sadie that would shake her to the core. She felt like Jesus does each time we reject him because we feel unworthy of his love.

The message in the video below is incredibly powerful and one every Christian should hear.

Check out her relevant comments, starting at the 17-minute mark:

Sadie is wise well beyond her years. She has a way of speaking about Jesus’s love for us that is both raw and comforting. Her Christianity clearly defines who she is.

That man was every bit as worthy of Jesus’ love as anyone else. The homeless man understood the power of it as he wanted her to make sure she gave it to someone else who would appreciate it. He didn’t feel deserving of it, but those are the people who are most in need of the guidance Jesus’ teachings provide.

The Bible will help you stop running from your fears, sins, and baggage and embrace the love of God that everyone deserves.

Sadie was speaking to a college-aged audience, but her words are relatable to people of any age. We are worthy of God’s love at every twist and turn in our lives. No matter the circumstances, God loves us.

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