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Sadie Robertson, the 20-year-old star of Duck Dynasty and Dancing With the Stars, is beloved by fans for being a positive, moral role model who’s beautiful both inside and out. Which is why it’s so shocking that she’s been on the receiving end of harsh criticism concerning her physical appearance.

Robertson recently revealed on her Facebook page that she’s been body shamed multiple times during photoshoots.

As Robertson writes, one director of a photoshoot told her that she didn’t “have the face to pull off a no makeup shoot.” Another pinched her stomach and urged her to lose weight:

“I have never thought of myself as a model, but getting to dip my toes a little in this industry I’ve heard shocking things, had my stomach ‘fat’ pinched to make sure I knew which part I needed to get rid of. I’ve been told if I would loose [sic] 10 pounds then I may look like an actual model, yet all the while I just smile, laugh, eat and dance my way through the shoots.”

But Robertson also explained that she doesn’t let the criticism get her down, because she knows that she was “fearfully and wonderfully made”:

“My identity lies within the hands of my God who I believe created me to be fearfully and wonderfully made,” she said. “I believe EVERYONE has the face to pull off a ‘no makeup shoot’ because that is YOUR FACE. The makeup is the extra. It’s fun, but when it becomes your everything that’s when you begin to loose [sic] everything about what makes you… YOU. My friend and I went out at sunrise yesterday to remind ourselves of real beauty and went without makeup. The beauty surrounded us, and was flowing from within into our conversations.”

No matter what the fashion industry says – Robertson is beautiful. And she reminds her fans every day that they’re beautiful, too.

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