Snakes can be dangerous, even for a trained professional. A South African animal conservationist found this out the hard way when he was handling a python out in the wilds of the Limpopo Province.

Cor Viljoen was trying to safely move a 9-foot python from the property and away from people. The massive snake felt the need to defend itself, so he began constricting Viljoen during the relocation.

Viljoen had to lean against a tree to prevent himself from falling as the python crushed his legs together. His legs were no match for the powerful snake. Viljoen said the South African Python is a protected species, limiting the options to get out of this situation.

As you can see in the rather alarming video below, another man has to help Viljoen’s aid.

Viljoen believes he wasn’t in any danger as he doesn’t think the snake would have attacked him but was rather just trying to get away. He may believe that, but it’s not something I would risk my life doing!

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