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Prince Harry Honored 102-Year-Old War Veteran In True Diana Form

Prince Harry took a break from the Invictus Games to thank a very excited 102-year-old WWII veteran for his service. He heard the man

The Invictus Games took place in Canada this year. Prince Harry founded the games to give wounded veterans and their families a chance to bond, heal and compete. The Prince took a break from the games to thank a very excited 102-year-old WWII veteran for his service.

Prince Harry took notice of Sgt. James Norman Baker when he appeared on the television during a rugby game, thanking the Prince for founding the Invictus Games. Harry wanted to meet the veteran and make sure he had VIP seating.

Sgt. Baker served in the Royal Regiment of Canada during the war. He wasn’t expecting to see action but found himself on the front lines shortly after D-Day. Prince Harry got on his knees to speak with the wheelchair-bound veteran. Harry, who served a decade in the army, listened to Baker’s story and thanked him for all he has done. The moment between the two is very touching and displays the deep bond between all those who have served.

Video of the touching encounter is below.

Baker was grateful to meet Prince Harry. Afterwards, the WWII veteran said, “I wanted to show the athletes my support and enjoy the games. See their spirit. They show amazing strength of character as well as body. I think they do a wonderful job. It’s important because without this, a lot of them would not be where they are today,” he continued. “It’s Prince Harry’s efforts that have encouraged them to find the competitive spirit, self-confidence and join in: make them feel as if they have a place in the world when they could have lost hope.”

Prince Harry carries on the legacy of his mother, Princess Diana. He is beloved by people across the globe because he has such compassion and gratitude.

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Source: Daily Mail

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