Hurricane Harvey sea creature

The affected Texas coast that took a beating from Hurricane Harvey found a lot of destruction after the waters receeded. This didn’t just occur in residential or commercials areas, but on the beach too. The beaches took a ponding. The intensity of the storm pushed a lot things that were deep in the ocean onto the Texas shore. Many people had never seen some of these things before!

Hurricane Harvey brought a lot of sea life onto the Texas shore. One unusual creature created quite a lively discussion because it was so odd looking that it was hard to determine exactly what it was. It looked like it was prehistoric. The sea certainly is home to a lot of bizarre looking creatures.

Science communicator Preeti Desai found the monster-like creature on a beach in Texas City, TX following the hurricane. Unable to identify it, she shared pictures on Twitter to see if someone else could.

There were plenty of replies. Even some biologists were scratching their heads over this unusual carcass as it was a rare find anywhere, let alone on a Texas beach. It does indeed look like a monster!

Ultimately, it was identified by Dr. Kenneth Tighe, a biologist with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, as a Aplatophis chauliodus, which is a fang toothed eel or “tusky” eel. It is a snake eel. These creatures live in shallow waters and apparently sometimes wash up on shore.

This terrifying creature might be enough to keep me away from the beach! I don’t want to encounter one in person. I would be running from the beach if I stumbled upon that. I wouldn’t even put my toes in the water if something like that was swimming nearby!

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Source: Mediaite

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