Hulk Hogan Gives Props To Vince And Kevin Owens For Headbutt Segment

Here's what the legend Hulk Hogan had to say about it and what he thinks about the work ethic of Vince and the future of Kevin Owens

In a moment that shook the wrestling world to its core, Kevin Owens headbutted and then brutally attacked WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

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It was incredible, to say the least. Vince has so much faith and thinks so highly of Owens that he came on Smackdown for the first time in four years just to get destroyed and bloodied by the Prize Fighter.

If there was any doubt that Kevin Owens is a top-guy in the eyes of WWE, that was firmly put to rest last night. Kevin Owens is now the ultimate villain. Everyone loved the segment.

Here’s what the legend Hulk Hogan had to say about it and what he thinks about the work ethic of Vince.

Kevin Owens As The Top Bad Guy

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens will face off inside Hell in a Cell next month. It should be clear to everyone that this match will be the main event. And it absolutely should be.

Owens was masterful during the segment. He stood toe-to-toe with the man who created modern wrestling and didn’t flinch or look out of place or intimidated. They have to run with this. Owens can be the villain they’re craving. I see it on our site all the time. Fans hate Kevin Owens. He’s too arrogant. The guy wrestles in a t-shirt. He’s mean on twitter. He’s mean to kids at shows!

Yes! And he sells tickets and sells merchandise. People love him and love to see him beat up. After he gets through Shane at HIAC, what is next? Why not the Game himself? It would be a fitting and full-circle. Owens was one of the original “NXT Guys” and Trips LITERALLY handed Owens the Universal Title last year.  Triple H has to wrestle Owens. It would be a match that would break the Internet.

In the meantime though, The feud of Kevin Owens vs the McMahons is the hottest thing going in WWE at the moment. Let’s keep it going!

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