Has Carmella’s MITB Win Destroyed SmackDown Women’s Division?

Did the Carmella Money in the Bank victory ruin SmackDown Live? One thing that is notably missing from the SmackDown women's division is a good

Carmella’s MITB win has certainly been one of the most controversial MITB wins ever. Unfortunately, nothing of note has been done with her win, leaving the SmackDown women’s division rudderless.

No Detectable Storylines

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One thing that is notably missing from the SmackDown women’s division is a good storyline. Despite the fact that Carmella has the briefcase, WWE creative has done nothing with it story-wise. I would even say that it is easy to forget that she has the case in the first place!

Of course, the fact that Carmella is holding the briefcase is not the only reason why storylines are missing. There are so many good female wrestlers the WWE could build a storyline with, but it is not happening at the moment.

Major Female Wrestlers Without Anything to Do?

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In addition to the MITB cash-in, many believe that the WWE is waiting for a rivalry with Ronda Rousey before they create any additional storylines. While that may be exciting on its own, it is costing SmackDown Live fans by the minute.

Just think about it, the MITB case not being cashed in and the overall wait for it has put several female wrestlers on hold. You have Tamina, one of the baddest wrestlers on the women’s roster. You also have Becky Lynch and Charlotte, two hard workers who undoubtedly have more to offer. Then, there is also Naomi, who does not seem to be bothered by losing the title to Natalya at SummerSlam. I mean, what is going on with the creative part of the SmackDown Live women’s division?

My Solution? Build Storylines Now or Do the Cash-In!

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There is no two ways about it, the WWE waiting for the cash-in and the feud between Ronda Rousey and the Horsewomen is putting some serious strain on the SmackDown Live brand. What used to be an amazing women’s division that stood out head and shoulders above RAW’s women division is now just a shimmer of its old self.

That being said, a cash-in of the MITB briefcase could prove beneficial for the brand at this point. Cashing in could also provide WWE creative with a lot of different storylines.

Carmella cashing in her MITB briefcase could also prove beneficial for her, even if she loses the cash-in to the champion of that time. Since Carmella came up to the main roster, she has experienced very little character development. Wrestling fans know about Carmella, but little about Carmella’s persona. Losing the case (or winning the title) could provide her with an excellent rivalry that enables her to establish herself within the women’s division.

In addition to cashing in the MITB briefcase, I would also suggest that the WWE does not wait specifically for the rivalry with Ronda Rousey. Even if there are multiple things going on at one time, it is certainly a lot more interesting than what is happening at the moment.

What do you think about the SmackDown Live women’s division at the moment? Has Carmella’s MITB win impacted the brand in a negative manner? How would you suggest the WWE proceeds? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below!

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