Columbo Roasts Sinatra

Decades after they ended, Dean Martin’s Roasts still are some of the best shows to ever be on TV. The best celebrities of the day would come together to poke fun at the cream of the crop. They didn’t worry about offending anyone. That was the goal!

When Dean had a roast for his good friend Frank Sinatra, Peter Falk showed up to say a few words. But, he did this as the character Lt. Columbo. It was classic Columbo and it had Frank rolling with laughter. He stayed completely in character as he roasted the Chairman of the Board! He even asked for a pen and had Sinatra sign an autograph on a napkin.

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

That’s straight up humor without any vulgarity or bad language. And it was classic Columbo, too!

Today on crime shows like “NCIS,” “CSI,” and “Law and Order,” they require all kinds of high tech devices to solve crimes. Columbo didn’t need any of those things. He’d probably forget to charge a cell phone. His humility and rather bumbling appearance helped him solve cases. He humble character¬†ingratiated himself to people who would tell him more than they probably should have.

Sure, Sinatra laughed, but Don Rickles might have laughed harder. I think I even heard him cackling with laughter.

All of these A-list stars were cracking up without a word of vulgarity. Peter Falk entertained everyone without using one vulgar word. Unlike the crassness of today, these stars didn’t need to use foul language to make us laugh. They were so talented that they didn’t need bad language. Watching these shows was a family affair!

If you enjoyed this, you will laugh at Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra on the Tonight Show!

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