Texas armed robbery

A couple of armed robbers thought they found easy targets at an Arlington, Texas cell phone repair store. Instead, the owner and his son stunningly fought off the men with their bare hands.

One of the robbers pointed a gun at Khurrum Monga and his son before jumping behind the counter. Monga’s son sprang into action, grabbing the armed robber. Khurrum then joined his son in stopping the criminal behind the counter.

The other robber brandished his gun but ended up running out of the store.

Both criminals got away, but thankfully they didn’t steal any merchandise. One of the guns was left behind at the scene and police informed the store owner that the gun was loaded. During the robbery, the store owner was under the assumption the guns were fake. Still, they were no match for this father and son.

The dramatic raw video of the attempted robbery is below. This is definitely a win for the good guys!

Police are trying to identify these criminals and get them off the street. Clearly, these two belong behind bars where they can’t hurt or rob innocent people.

If you like stories of good guys stopping criminals, watch this crafty store owner halt another robbery!

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Source: Yahoo

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