solar eclipse driving

As everyone prepares for the solar eclipse, AAA is warning people about something rather important.

Some of us will have to drive during the eclipse. If you find yourself having to be behind the wheel during Monday’s eclipse, here are some tips that you really need to follow:

  • Exit the roadway and park in a safe area away from traffic to view the eclipse
  • Do NOT stop along the highway or interstate or park on the shoulder of the road
  • Keep headlights on – don’t rely on automatic headlights
  • Do NOT wear eclipse glasses while driving
  • Do NOT try to photograph or video the eclipse while driving
  • Be mindful of pedestrians that many will be walking around with their eyes on the sky
  • Prepare for extra congestion on the roads during the eclipse period, but also in the days before and after the eclipse as many travelers head to the totality zone
  • Have your viewing location set and stay in place, avoiding travel during the eclipse

More information on driving during the eclipse is in the video below.

You should know to pull over to the side of the road if you plan on looking at the eclipse, but some people need to be told to do this! You either drive or you look at the eclipse. You can’t do both!

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Source: Fox News

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