road rage

People in Huntington Park, California witnessed a horrifying road rage scene when a driver filled with anger repeatedly hit the car in front of him.

It looked like the crazed man was participating in a demolition derby. He was burning his wheels trying to get the car in front of him to move. He even backed up to ram the car as well. I can’t imagine being on the sidewalk, let alone being in the targeted car!

The mentally unstable driver hit at least five cars by the time police arrived. As a bonus, his car was on fire. He went to the hospital before being booked by police. The person in the white car suffered minor injuries.

Onlookers didn’t know what to do, but one caught a good portion of the incident on his cell phone, which you can see below.

What a monster! Hopefully, he will be in jail for a long time. This man should never be driving again! A car shouldn’t be used as a weapon!

Road rage has become way too common. You can see another recent incident here.

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