puppy died in dads arms

When Podge Sweeney’s daughter’s puppy got alarmingly ill, he rushed him to a veterinary hospital. But, there was a big problem that ended up possibly costing the dog his life.

The Liverpool father was in such a rush that he only had £35 in his pocket. Sweeney said staff at the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) told him he had to pay in full before they would examine the puppy.

They wanted £80 to look at the dog and £119 to treat him. Sweeney would have paid that but didn’t have it all on him, so he posted on Facebook that his dog was denied treatment.

The puppy died in his arms before he could return with the proper amount of money.

Some responders to his viral Facebook post said that Sweeney shouldn’t have a pet if he can’t afford one. He replied that he can afford it, but just didn’t have enough money on him at that moment.

This Facebook post has caused quite a public relations issue for this vet’s office. The PDSA told the press, “We are aware of the extremely sad case this weekend involving the puppy and extend our deepest sympathies to the owner. We want to reassure everyone that if any pet owner rings or attends one of our Pet Hospitals or a Vets Now emergency clinic – or indeed any vet – with a pet in need of emergency care, they will always be offered to be seen and provided with emergency treatment. With the limited information we have for this particular case, we have checked all of our call logs and spoken to the vet team members on duty over the weekend. As far as we are currently able to tell, the correct processes for all those who contacted us over the weekend were followed. However, if something has gone wrong, we want to know. In order that we can complete our investigation fully and gather all of the facts, we are trying to make contact with the owner for more information.”

What a sad situation. The worst part of it is that a little girl is now without her beloved puppy. Hopefully, things are communicated better so this doesn’t happen to another family.

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