orangutan burn victim

Animals can be incredibly compassionate and that’s what one woman learned while visiting the Indianapolis Zoo.

Darci Miller was significantly burned in 2015 while burning trash and has had numerous surgeries since then. She had just left the burn center before going to the zoo. She had fresh bandages on and Rocky the orangutan immediately noticed them.

He was very concerned about her bandages and wanted to see what was underneath. He actually showed her more compassion than most people do.

“He was just pointing to everything so I was just showing him the bandages on my neck, and my tattoos and the burns on my arms,” she said. “He was very compassionate, he wanted to see everything that you could show him.”

Video of this encounter has gone viral. You can see it and also hear from Darci about her new friend in the video below.

Darci reported that her visit with Rocky really lifted her spirits. She stayed with him for 20 minutes before being sure to say goodbye to him.

Orangutans have so much personality. If you liked this story, check out the one of the mom orangutan trying to corral her little monkey who just wanted to play! Every mom can relate!

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Source: Daily Mail

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