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An Australian mother’s trip to McDonald’s ended in horror when she discovered maggots in her Chicken McNuggets after she and her toddler had eaten most of them.

She bought a 6-pack from a McD’s just north of Sydney to share with her young daughter. While eating the final one, she claims she noticed something moving. That’s when she saw maggots, which you can see in the picture below.

McDonalds maggots

Amy Fish called the McDonald’s and the health department to report the incident. The franchise responded with an apology and informed her that hers was the sole complaint they received. The health department also didn’t find any issues at the fast food restaurant.

“I fed my child maggots and I ate maggots myself and personally I don’t have the money to fight it, and I have to cop it sweet,” Fish said.

I’m a bit suspicious about this claim. It sounds like an attempt at some fast cash to me, particularly after Fish said, ‘I’m just annoyed, they could have easily just sent a gift card and said ‘I’m very sorry’.”  If I ate maggots at a restaurant, the last thing I would want would be a gift card!

A spokesperson for the McDonald’s in question also disputed the maggot claim by telling the Daily Mail in Australia, “With our cooking processes and procedures, it is impossible for this to have occurred in our restaurant. (Health Department) Council visited the restaurant and no issues were identified.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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