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Kelly Ripa is facing yet another round of changes on Live!Last year, the long-time host was blindsided when her co-host Michael Strahan announced that he was jumping ship to Good Morning America. Now, it looks like ABC is playing favorites with her current co-host Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest recently announced that he is going to return to hosting American Idol when it airs on ABC. That means he will be hosting two shows on alternate coasts. But, when the network made demands to accommodate Seacrest, Kelly put her foot down.

An insider told Radar Online that ABC tried to uproot Live! from New York City to Los Angeles to accommodate Seacrest. Kelly isn’t about to move her family across the country. That sort of move would sacrifice her husband’s career and her children would have to change schools.

“Kelly’s fuming that ABC would even consider it! All of her family and friends are on the East Coast — and now she has to pack up and move for Ryan’s sake? That’s got to make her steaming mad!” the insider said. “She promised not to let this happen again to her and the show after Strahan jumped to Good Morning America. Now history seems to be repeating itself — and she won’t have it!”

Good for Kelly for standing her ground! She is putting her family first. When ABC tried to roll out the red carpet for Seacrest, she prioritized her family. Kelly is the long-term host here, not Seacrest!

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