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Kathy Griffin gave a tearful apology earlier this summer after a picture of her holding a bloodied Trump head infuriated so many Americans. She lost sponsorships and a lucrative gig at CNN. Her stand up shows even got canceled because of the backlash.

Well, it appears that apology was nothing more than crocodile tears. She has since deleted her apologetic tweets. She also recently went on Australian TV to rescind her apology. Apparently, now that the public and the Secret Service have moved on to other things, Griffin is trying to get back into the spotlight.

“The whole outrage was BS. The whole thing got so blown out of proportion and I lost everybody. I do not apologize for that photo anymore, and I think the outrage is complete BS because we have real things to deal with,” the washed up comedienne says in the video below before blaming misogyny for her canceled gigs.

Griffin is clearly trying to woo liberal voters to come to her shows. But, given the fact that she lost Chelsea Clinton and Debra Messing, it’s possible that Griffin has moved from the D list to the Done List. Video of her original apology can be seen below.

You don’t threaten a President of the United States like that without expecting your career to take a massive hit.

You can also see the video of Griffin crying during her press conference by clicking here.

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Source: Inquisitr

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