‘Deadliest Catch’ Has Amazing Haul As Captain John Retires! [VIDEO]

Johnathan Hillstrand

Deadliest Catch’s most recent episode showed Captain Johnathan Hillstrand bring in his last crab haul as the captain is retiring after 37 years at sea!

At first, Captain John followed a survey, but that caused some terrible results. When he followed his instincts, he hit the jackpot by pulling up more crabs than the tanks could even hold!

Hillstrand’s final season was so successful that each crew member earned $65,000 for the season.

As you can see in the video below, Hillstrand definitely believes it is time to retire, but he is thrilled to go out on top after 37 years.

Hillstrand definitely went out on top with that massive haul. Now he plans on spending time with his grandchildren. Deadliest Catch viewers will certainly miss him!

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Source: Fox News